Quality Policy
SAMAEEL is committed to continuously and consistently providing customers with world-class steel products to ensure market leadership and long-term growth. SAMAEEL has a vision to provide Quality integrated services to its Customers in Saudi Arabia. Our mission is to continuously add value to our customers and Staff in being fully committed to our Quality Management System, its objectives, and its continual improvement requirements.

For these to be realized, the company is dedicated to the following:
  • To satisfy our customers stated and implied needs by supplying products & Services promptly and competitively.
  • Develop and enhance manpower skills and technical know-how by providing adequate trainings and career developments to its workforce.
  • To consistently meet all requirements for a safe and friendly environment.

  • Safety Policy
    Conduct basic safety training for our employees to provide an overall awareness about the job hazards in industry. We provide briefing on topic such as confined space entry, lockout/tag out and other safety procedures. The management at SAMAEEL believes that the safety of employees is of utmost importance, along with quality, production, and cost-control. Maintenance of safe operating procedures at all times is of both monetary and human value, with the human value being far greater to the employer, the employee, and the community.

    The following principles support this policy:
  • All injuries and accidents are preventable through establishment and compliance with safe work procedures.
  • Management is responsible for establishing a health and safety training program to provide instruction to each employee regarding safe work practices. Employees are responsible for adhering to those safe work practices.

  • Safety Planning
    We encouraged our employees in planning safety into work activities to make sure that equipment, material and personnel to do the job safety form the binning.

    Tracking & Recording
    To review, monitor and follow up for unsafe practices, violations and conditions identified during site inspections and in the site inspection reports. We provide all required PPE (Personnel Protective Equipments) and first aid kits.

    SAMAEEL that ascendant can be avoided by the will of almighty and working safety protects our most important assets – our employees.
    Reaching beyond their expectations and delivering VALUE to our Customers and Employees forms the basis of our value system.
    Offer excellence in all products, services and processes that support our customer and client service.
    We weave BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES into the culture of the Company.
    We believe our employees are our greatest asset and conduct various interactive sessions and workshops to forge TEAMWORK and offer a platform for employees to achieve personal and professional objectives.
    We encourage open communication channels and transparency between Management and employees.