Scope of supplies Materials
  • Reaching beyond their expectations
  • Civil, Mechanical , Construction , Materilas.
  • Electircal measuring gauges and Instruments Welding accessories
  • Mechanical Insturments and guages sheets , welding materials ,stud bolts.
  • Hydralluic /Pneumatic Controls Safety Items like Helmets, Googles , Safety Shoes and Belts
  • Wiring accessories, Cable terminals cable lugs and sleeve connectors
  • Clrcut breakers , cable tray Industrial lightings, industrail fans, solenoid valves and actuators Security and theft control monitoring systems
  • Transformets , both oil and dry type AC/DC motors ,Panel and distrbution boards
  • Contractors, relays, control circuits Lightning protection systems
  • Pipes and tubes, Fittings fianges , valves Special gaskets, seals
    Reaching beyond their expectations and delivering VALUE to our Customers and Employees forms the basis of our value system.
    Offer excellence in all products, services and processes that support our customer and client service.
    We weave BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES into the culture of the Company.
    We believe our employees are our greatest asset and conduct various interactive sessions and workshops to forge TEAMWORK and offer a platform for employees to achieve personal and professional objectives.
    We encourage open communication channels and transparency between Management and employees.