Tool Boxes
  • 821 PC set, 613 Pc set, 497 Pc set , 411 set . 233 Pc set , etc.
  • Sockets
  • Both in Metric and Inches (Short , long and extra Long ) Deep socket set . Hex bit set . Drive socket set , Torx bit set , Universal socket set , Drive extensions, adaptors and Torque wrenched
  • Screw Drivers
  • Sloteed an d philis tips ,combination sets , with rubber grips ,ratvheting screw drivers. insulated types, Magnetic, Precision etc.
  • Wrenches - Spanner
  • Metric and slxe
  • combination, Open and Box end , Adjustable type , Hook Spaneers. Flair net wrenches , Torque wrenches etc
  • Pliers
  • cutting pillars, Nose pliers , Side - Cutting oilers, Tong, End Cutting Wise grips. Locking pliers , Alligator tools, Needle nose . Bent nose , Combination
  • Hammers
  • Ball pem . Sludge Hammers, claw hammers, Soft face hammers. Chippinng hammers and Scaling hammers.
  • Hex Keys
  • Ball style hex keys, long and short length.
  • Chisel , Punches and Filers
  • Cold chisels, Cape chises, Diamond pole chisels, Floor chisels and Super duty chisels Centre punch , prick punch, hollow puck. Round . Rat , Half Round , Smooth files ( Diffemet Sizes) Hand saws , wood saw , Claw bars , Pry bars , Nile Puller , Sheet metal tools, Duct snips Vise, Anvils .Threading equipments , Pipe stands, Bolt cutters , Ladders Flaring tools , Feeler Guages
  • Power Tools
  • Drilling Machine, Cutting Machine, Grinding Machine, Carving Machine, Welding Machine Heavy duty drilling Machine, Hammer drills
  • Brands:
  • Stanley pinto, Rigid Armstorm, Estwing , Wilton, Westward, Cooper tools , General , Dewalt, Makita , Black and Dxkor Daytom Bosch, Milwaukee and Toku
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